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Straight or Curved?

The decision on selecting a straight or curved stairlift comes down to the design of the staircase.

A straight stairlift is just that – the chair component runs along a straight rail.  The rail can have no bends or curves, no changes in direction.  Straight stairlifts are suited to straight staircases, with no bends, curves or landings.

Straight Stairlift

A curved stairlift is designed to manage curves, bends and landings.  It offers the best possible solution for all stairs other than straight stairs.  Of course, a curved stairlift does just as well on the straight! Because of the flexibility of the start and end of the rail (for example, curving around the end of the banister or wall for parking), a curved stairlift can also be the best solution for a straight staircase.

A straight stairlift costs less to purchase than a curved stairlift, because it does not have the features and facilities needed to address curves, bends and landings.  We are regularly asked if a straight stairlift might do.  There are some situations in which, if your budget is tight, a compromise might be possible using a straight stairlift.  For example:

  1. If there is only a small number steps before or beyond the bend, it might be possible to start or stop the stairlift at the bend, and climb the small number of steps without the aid of the stairlift.

  2. If there is a large enough landing at the bend, it might be possible to install two straight stairlifts – one from the bottom of the stairs to the landing and the other from the landing to the top of the stairs.  This will require the user to change stairlifts on the landing.

Both the above are compromises to the solution offered by a curved stairlift, but might be viable for specific situations if the cost of the curved stairlift is beyond your budget and you would still like the benefits of a stairlift.

We will work with you to understand your requirements and constraints and to recommend the most appropriate solution.

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