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For situations having a straight, outdoor stairlift as the solution, Emprise Stairlifts recommend the ThyssenKrupp HomeGlide Outdoor straight stairlift.

Both curved and straight stairlifts for the outdoors are available in the market place.  However, to date, we have had very little call for curved, outdoor stairlifts.  They require a significant investment, arising from the costs associated in weatherproofing a curved stairlift (for example, the need to work with stainless steel).  The cost is such that people look to other options - such as stair climbers, vertical platform lifts or even relocating.  Having said this, we are very happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to achieve the best outcome for you.  For situations having a curved, outdoor stairlift as the solution, we will source if from Hiro Stairlifts.

ThyssenKrupp HomeGlide Outdoor

For users who require a stairlift outside their home, the weather-proofed HomeGlide Outdoor is ideal. With all the features of the HomeGlide indoor model, the HomeGlide Outdoor is resistant to harsh weather elements and certified for outdoor use.

The chair, drive unit and joystick are water proof, the rail is made of anodized aluminium and uses stainless steel screws.

For the technically inclined, the HomeGlide Outdoor has an IPX5 protection rating which means it has been tested to be protected against the harmful ingress of water up to and including water projected by a water jet (water projected by a 6.3mm nozzle against the enclosure for at least 3 minutes from any direction at a volume of 12.5 litres per minute and with pressure of 30kPA at a distance of 3 metres).

The HomeGlide Outdoor comes standard with an easy to clean protective cover for when the chair is not in use.


  • 138kg (inclination between 28 and 45 degrees).
  • 127kg (inclination between 46 and 53 degrees).

The HomeGlide Outdoor model has the same standard features and facilities as the indoor model (refer to Straight Stairlifts).  The significant differences are:

  • extensive weather proofing
  • plastic seat (rather than vinyl)
  • cover to provide weather protection when not in use.

The Hinge Rail and Heavy Duty options are not available.


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