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Our History

Emprise Pty Ltd is the family company of Shaun and Carole O'Brien. Our mobility equipment and stairlift journey started with Mandurah Mobility Products when Emprise Pty Ltd purchased and began operating Mandurah Mobility Products in 2005.

Mandurah Mobility Products was established in 1994 and already had an excellent reputation for quality products and service.  Now over a decade down the track, both the business and the positive reputation of Mandurah Mobility Products have grown.  Mandurah Mobility Products has established itself as the premier mobility products supplier in the Peel Region, and is rapidly growing its presence in the Perth Metropolitan area and country WA, with customers from Esperance to Kununurra.

Our stairlift business began with Mandurah Mobility Products, when we installed our first stairlift in 2007.  In 2010, to meet the growing demand for stairlifts in WA, we created a separate business - Emprise Stairlifts - to offer specialised services throughout Western Australia.

2015 saw us start the process of rebranding Mandurah Mobility Products to Emprise Mobility - a move to reflect our growing presence in the wider WA community. 

In 2016, we opened a new showroom and warehouse in Bibra Lake (Perth).  Our Mandurah showroom and service centre continues to support our customers in Peel and the South West.

In December 2018, after a careful review of where we feel we can add the most value to the community, we decided to close our Emprise Stairlifts business and focus on Emprise Mobility.  This part of our business continues to grow and we feel it warrants our full focus.  We will continue to offer and grow our extensive range of mobility equipment, daily living aids and other assistive technology but will no longer sell and install stairlifts and platform lifts.

For more about our mobility products business, please visit www.emprise.com.au.

Why "Emprise"?

The modern term “enterprise” is derived from the Old English word “emprise”.

Emprise: "An undertaking, enterprise; esp. one of an adventurous or chivalrous nature. Chivalric enterprise, martial prowess."

Emprise described an adventurous and chivalrous undertaking. Such an undertaking could be expected to involve an extended scope, difficulty, challenge or risk, and required the knight committed to the undertaking to demonstrate courage, honesty, prowess (gained through years of both training and experience), initiative, imagination and a willingness to undertake new ventures. The knight was expected to live up to the strict principles and moral code of his rank, as defined by the times in which he lived, and to be fully committed to succeed.

Translated into modern terms, we believe that “emprise” describes both our company and each of our business undertakings - a challenging undertaking, to which we are committed to succeed, that we approach with professionalism, initiative, creativity, innovation, skill and experience.

The decision to make the name of our company Emprise reflects our continuing objective of providing high quality products, consulting and service, and a desire to expand into new areas.

An Emprise Pty Ltd business.

Perth, Western Australia.

Emprise Stairlifts

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