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Curved Stairlifts are the solution for stairs that have bends, curves or landings.  Emprise Stairlifts recommends the ThyssenKrupp Flow 2 curved stairlift.

ThyssenKrupp Flow2 Curved Stairlift

The Flow 2 will handle almost any indoor stairway configuration, providing you with access to all the different levels of your home and letting you preserve the active lifestyle that you've earned.

Curves Landings / Bends Spirals

The Flow 2 is a customised stairlift that can handle straight stairs, stairs with corners or even spiral staircases.   The Flow 2 can be installed on either side of a staircase.  When installed on the inside of the staircase, it can travel over numerous floors.  This is ideal, for example, if your washing machine is downstairs from your living area and the bedrooms are upstairs.



Customised To Suit

Customised to your staircase.Because each stairlift is different, each Flow 2 stairlift is customised to suit the individual staircase where it is to be installed.  The Flow 2 can be installed on either side of your stairs ("inside" or "outside" of the curve), allowing you to choose the side that best suits your home and the planned use of the stairs and stairlift. Therefore, an individual personal consultation at the house is extremely important.

Based on a detailed measure (of the height and depth of each stair and the angles of every turn), detailed engineering drawings are prepared on computer and used to drive the automated manufacturing process for the stairlift's rail.

The complete stairlift (including the customised stair rail) is then shipped from the factory, ready for installation. TK manufacture over 1,000 curved stairlifts each month, for delivery all over the world.


The Flow 2 uses a joystick as a steering device and a key all in one.  In order to “drive”, simply push the joystick in the direction required and hold it.  To lock the stairlift so that no one else can operate it, simply remove the joystick. 

If you are not able to operate the stairlift yourself, the attendant control will be of help.  With this device, an attendant can drive the stairlift up and down the rail while you are seated on the chair.


The Flow 2 can be installed on virtually any staircase without the need for any structural changes. This versatility comes from the Flow2’s unique automatic swivelling and levelling (ASL) technology which allows the lift to rotate, pivot and swivel whilst it’s in motion, with the chair automatically ending in the best position for the user to move safely away from the stairs.  The patented Swivel is programmed to adapt itself to the space of your staircase while it is travelling. The linked footrest also moves with the chair, keeping your feet in the most comfortable position.

No other stairlift in the world can do this.

ASL technology means that the Flow2 lift can be installed in steep or narrow staircases where other lifts don’t fit. With the automatic swivel seat, the stairlift can safely operate on stairs that are as little as 650mm wide (26 inches).

Note: the automatic swivel is an option.  The Flow 2 comes standard with a fixed seat that travels the length the rail in the same position (at right angles to the rail).  If the full automatic swivel is not required, a manual swivel seat can be added if needed to allow the seat to be positioned for safe entry and exit from the stairlift. The manual swivel seat is operated by a lever at the side of the seat.

Parking Curve

In order to save space at either end of the staircase, we can make an extra curve on the rail, so that you can park the chair around the corner, out of the way of the stairs.  Through this, you can access the stairlift easily and safely.

Parked on a parking curve.

Parked and folded.

Vertical Start

If there is no space to allow a parking curve on your staircase, the vertical start is the solution.  With the vertical start, your stairlift can be parked in front of or on the first step.

Three options are available for the vertical start:

  1. Standard drop nose.  The drop nose requires 17.5cm of space out from the first step.

  2. Vertical "short start" - this requires only 10cm of space. The track starts from the first step.

  3. Zero Protrusion Vertical Rail.  Where there is no space for a rail at the bottom, the Flow 2 can be installed with a rail that finishes on the first step.

Standard Drop Nose

Vertical Short Start

Zero Protrusion

Clean, efficient installation

The stairlift is installed by our trained technicians.  It is fixed on the stairs rather than the wall.  Because the stairlift has been customised to the individual requirements of the staircase, installation in your home normally takes only a few hours, depending on the number of sections in the rail and the ease of working on the stairs.

Choose Colours to Suit Your Décor

The Flow2 Curved Stair Lift is both functional and elegant.

Vinyl upholstery colours: blue, sisal, red, green, chestnut, grey
Fabric upholstery colours: brown, red, blue, beige
Rail colours: grey white, grey brown, telegrey, beige-brown

If required, the rail can be ordered in a custom colour so that you can better match the surrounds. 

A number of the colour combinations are represented in the photos on this page.  More images demonstrating the versatility and colour options of the Flow 2 are available at  Flow 2 Images. 

Technical Specifications / Features

Please see Curved Features for a summary of the Flow 2's key features and specifications.

Find further discussion at Why a ThyssenKrupp Flow 2 curved stairlift is the right choice.

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