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ThyssenKrupp Flow 2 Stairlift - Feature Summary

(For photos and general information regarding the Flow 2, please see Curved Stairlifts.)

  • Suitable for all most every staircase - straight, curved, spiral, with bends and with landings.

  • Lifting Capacity: 125kg.

  • Operation

  • Joystick operation (also functions as a key).

  • Wireless call and park station with push button (hand held remote control, two provided as standard).

  • Every unit contains 2 C-cell batteries, radio frequency 866MHz, approved.

  • Diagnostic Display: Available in the unlikely event of a problem.

  • Lockable Isolation Switch: The joystick paddle can be removed to lock the stairlift, preventing undesired operation (e.g. by children).

  • Optional swivel seat: If required, the seat swivels to allow safe and easy entry and exit to the seat.  This is manual as standard, or fully automatic patented Swivel as an option.

  • Fold up seat and footrest: Simple operation to fold away, minimising the impact upon space when the stairlift is not in use.

  • Safety cut-out sensor: Halts the stairlift if it encounters an obstruction.

  • Descent system for emergencies: With the main switch you can also let the stairlift descend in the unlikely event that a malfunction occurs and the stairlift stops halfway along the rail.

  • Smooth start / stop operation.

  • Quiet operation.

  • Over-speed governor.

  • Electronic and mechanical braking systems. The electronic brake is on the motor.  The mechanical brake will work even in the absence of power.

  • Safety belt.

  • Colours:

  • Six vinyl upholstery colour (blue, green, grey, maroon, red, sisal;

  • Four fabric upholstery colours (beige, blue, brown, red);

  • Four rail colours (white, brown, grey, beige).

  • Standard Specification:

  • Wireless call and park station at top and bottom of stairs;

  • Foldable seat and footrest with special folding operation (footrest linked to seat);

  • Retractable seat belt;

  • Two charging points;

  • Joystick / key;

  • Emergency lowering device.

  • Main Options:

  • Manual swivel seat.

  • Automatic swivel chair.

  • Installation on the inside or outside of the stairs.

  • Parking bend or parking halfway up the rail for ‘out of the way’ parking of the stairlift.

  • Curved armrests for an extra feeling of security.

  • Additional charging point.

  • Drive System: rack and pinion drive system.

  • Driven by an electric motor with rechargeable batteries.

  • Electrical connection: Single phase 85 Watt for battery charger.

  • Batteries: Sealed lead-acid batteries (2*12 V, 7 Ah).

  • Rail: Single tube, constant diameter of 8cm.

  • Inclination: -70° up to +70°

  • Speed: Max 0.15m/s (fully programmable up to the maximum).

  • Technical Conformity: CE approved.


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