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Why a ThyssenKrupp Flow 2 is the right choice.

The Flow 2 is a feat of modern engineering that performs well and looks amazing.  This compact stairlift looks simple on the outside but the technology on the inside is ingenious.

The Flow has been rigorously engineered:

  • Flow is the only stairlift on the market that is capable of swivelling during the ride both up and down the stairs.  This unique and patented feature means the Flow will suit almost any indoor stair (possibly any, but we won’t say that just in case).  Note: the automatic swivel is an option.

  • The Flow will suit long runs, spiral staircases, level changes up and down, stops not only at the top and bottom but at middle level landings and steep staircases of up to 70 degree incline.

  • It can be installed on staircases as narrow as 650mm (model with automatic swivel).

  • It can be installed on either side of the staircase.

  • There are options for how and where the rail will end.

  • The rail is custom built for your stairs, with the minimum number joins to meet the design of the stairs.

  • It travels smoothly and quietly in all situations.

Aesthetically, the Flow is the most attractive stairlift we’ve seen.

  • We all have significant investments in our residences and want to have them look and feel like home.

  • The Flow stairlift is designed to be a feature of the home, rather than just a mobility product.

  • The sleek and subtle Flow rail is the least physically and visually intrusive of any of the curved stairlift rails. It can be colour coded to suit your décor – either as a feature or to be camouflaged into the walls.

  • The seat has modern styling and comes in a range of fabric types and colours.

A Flow can be specified to suit you, your needs and your home – where you want it, the colour you want it, travelling exactly where you need it to travel, all quietly, smoothly and efficiently.

  • In design and testing.

  • As a demonstration model created for a trade show that demonstrates the flexibility of the Flow 2 with some complicated twists and level changes and a very steep incline.

Additional images are presented on the Flow 2 Images page, including:

  • An awesome spiral.

  • A number of installations in different environments and with different colour combinations.



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